The little big framework for PHP 5.3+

Atomik is a PHP micro framework that provides everything you need to make small to medium websites and get you started as quickly as possible. It's simple nature makes it the perfect fit for beginners.

Atomik is much simpler than other framework yet provides some awesome features right out of the box. Get started in minutes with our skeleton application:

$ php composer.phar create-project atomik/skeleton .

The main concept in Atomik is the separation of the application logic and the presentation layer. All your PHP code goes inside an action and all your HTML code goes inside a view.

In app/actions/index.php, add the following lines:

$message = "hello world!";

Modify the view in app/views/index.phtml to print this message:

<?= $this->escape($message) ?>

As you can see, variables define in the action are automatically carried to the view, it's that easy!

Learn more in the Get Started tutorial.

Current version: 3.1. Older versions are still available here